Investigation Services

We Provide Deep Investigation Service to Unearth Truth.

Personal Investigation Services

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Marriages are made in heaven. But are you sure that your marriage is going to be one among them? Construct your conformity with us as Delhi detective agency is offering commendable pre matrimonial investigation.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Your partner is the person who shares half of life with you. But if you are having any doubts about his/ her fair sharing of life with you than contact us today. We are here to provide you with the best possible post matrimonial investigation of India.

Loyalty Test

All it takes is a good heart to stay loyal. Nowadays loyalty is a different universe. If you are sensing that your partner is crumbling your sentiments in any way. Then we are here to identify the truth for you. Call us for an effective loyalty test right now.

Sting Operation

Sting operation reveals the unexpected realities of life. If you are having any doubt regarding the truthfulness of a person then take the smart decision of contacting us for conducting a spectacular sting operation.

Love Affairs

The relationship is the most precious part of everyone’s life. Your partner is the only person who loves you unconditionally. But what if someday you confront with the darkest reality of your mate? If you are feeling like your partner is having unjustified love affair than feel free to communicate us.

Divorce Case Investigation

Our trained team of phenomenal private investigation experts knows well to deal with the verification linked with a divorce case. If you are also willing to achieve a proper end for your divorce case than initiate the communication today.


Are you having any unending feeling of getting trapped by someone? If yes then gather the courage and hit that false world right now. Delhi detective agency is allocating the services of conducting spectacular surveillance just for you.

Teenager Monitoring

What if that clock is ticking 3 am and your son or daughter is still out? Do you have any idea that what he or she is doing? Teenage is the most pivotal phase. Out of lack of maturity, children take the wrong decision sometimes. Protect the future of your little loves through our services of teenager monitoring.

Missing Person Tracing

Are you done with every single effort and still not able to find out that most important person? We know that a person’s missing case proves to be extremely agonizing. You need not to worry anymore because Delhi detective agency is taking the responsibility of regulating an investigation for missing person tracing.

Corporate Investigation Services

Business Disputes

Do you think that maintain the upright level of business is easy? No, not at all. If you are getting an abny false hint from the side of your business partner than give it a blow with our verification based on the business disputes.

Property Issues

In the modern world, the issues related to the property are getting very common. But if you are not knowing than let us tell you that these property issues take a destructive turn sometimes. But relax because Delhi detective agency is offering you the superlative investigation of property issues.

Employee Verification

The employee is the main lead of every organization but what if this main lead starts focusing on his/her personal interest instead of focusing on the collective interest?  We understand that such situation twirls to be unexpectedly problematic. If you are facing any alike situation than contact us right now. For grabbing our assistance on the part of employee verification

Mystery Shopping

Are you looking for a detective agency which can keep a constant check on your staff? Mystery shoppers are the solution to this. Delhi detective agency is the topmost name to allocate you the service of arranging a phenomenal investigation through mystery shopping.

Undercover Operations

Do you want to maintain a regular spy on any person without revealing the identity of the proposed person? Then initiate communication with us today as we are aiming to make the availability of remarkable undercover operations only for weaving your safety.

Financial Background / Asset Verification

Attain the utmost veracity about the financial background of any suspicious person with us. When it comes about the entire verification we take into consideration asset examination, account verification, investment record for the purpose of acquiring the right investigation.

Mobile Spy Software

Nowadays it is truly necessary to achieve the utmost assurance of every move of a suspicious person. This is why we have developed an amazing mobile spy software with the aim of carting your every need related to the flawless mobile tracking services.